Consortium meeting Parsberg – Castle on the Bavarian Hill

Written by Jan Cincera,

 On November 16-17, the consortium convened in Parsberg, a quaint Bavarian town. The primary objective was to provide concise introductions to each work package and solicit feedback. The initial segment elucidated the theoretical framework, followed by project leaders articulating their visions for collaborative efforts. Subsequently, we presented an overview of shared qualitative features in training courses, emphasizing the necessity to integrate local nuances for contextual relevance.

The inaugural SYNAPSES Academy, scheduled for July 2024, was unveiled, prompting discussions on effective strategies to engage teachers. Following a brief catering break, we delved into the project’s dissemination strategy and explored the core concept of “sustainable citizenship.” The day concluded with insights from visionary workshops, spotlighting transformative learning designs and the integration of an environmental footprint calculator.

After a convivial Bavarian Social dinner fostering camaraderie among partners, the second day was devoted to comprehensive discussions on research aspects and potential challenges. This productive meeting laid a robust foundation for collaborative efforts, ensuring a promising trajectory for the project’s future endeavors.