Environmental education after curriculum reform

Masaryk University, Czech Republic -22.01.2024

Visionary workshop

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  1. 01. 2024. 13:00-16:00
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The new Framework Curriculum for Primary Education is significantly changing what environmental and sustainability education in schools should look like. Based on this, the new curricula should actively deal with such concepts, like green competence, sustainable citizenship, etc. What changes should we prepare for? What support will teachers need? How might the changes affect the work of environmental education centres?

In this workshop, we will look at the current way in which environmental education is embedded in the revised Framework Curriculum and look at the specific expected outcomes of the cross-cutting themes. Together, we will try to identify which outcomes should be the focus of methodological support in the period until the document becomes valid and how the environmental education centres could support the process of introducing changes.

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Teachers, lecturers, trainers

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The workshop will take place at Liberec, SEV Divizna, Czech Republic

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