Working with emotions and building children’s resilience in relation to the climate crisis – what research, empirical evidence and planned curriculum changes suggest

Masaryk University, Czech Republic - 23.01.2024

Visionary workshop

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  1. 01. 2024. 13:00-16:30
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Climate change is one of the crucial topics in contemporary environmental and sustainability education. To develop their capacity to work as sustainable citizens, students must enhance their resilience towards climate changes and other issues of the contemporary world. Competence for students’ well-being, sustainable citizenship, and green competence are also important parts of newly launched national curricula.

The visionary workshop focuses on how to map the emotional world of children and adolescents and how to work with their emotions to strengthen their resilience in relation to the climate crisis and environmental issues. The workshop explores where climate/environmental grief originates, how it manifests, its connection to our psychological dispositions, and the most effective ways to address it when it arises. The workshop also examines how working with emotions and building resilience in the context of climate and environmental challenges is supported by current education reforms and the planned changes to the Primary Education Framework.

In the last part, the workshop discusses the opportunities and challenges for future pre- and in-service teacher training focused on climate change relevant competence.

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Teachers, lecturers, trainers

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The workshop will take place at Hradec Králové, Krajský úřad Královéhradeckého kraje, Czech Republic

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