SYNAPSES Community Portal Launch



The SYNAPSES Community Portal for Teacher- and School Leadership supporting resources on Sustainability practices launched on 31 May 2024! Check it out here!

The platform is an online portal that will support educators in teaching and leading for a sustainable future. But change starts with small actions. The platform contains resources, best practices and even whole learning journeys catered for just that. Teachers and school heads can connect to peers with similar goals. Join national and international groups to share inspiring practices and engage in conversations with colleagues.

Browse our easy-to-search resource and good practice page to find what you need. Connect to local and international colleagues in our German, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish, Dutch and international community pages. Find upcoming events and start or boost your journey towards implementing sustainable practices and thinking methods into your school and day-to-day teaching.

The learning Journeys are created to be used on their own, to contribute to your professional development and at your own pace. At the same time, they align with the SYNAPSES summer school and national workshops and activities that are part of the SYNAPSES Academy. Combine in-person events with learning through the Community platform for the true SYNAPSES effect.

Welcome to SYNAPSES Academy Platform: Revolutionizing Sustainability Education Through Connection and Innovative Learning

We are thrilled to announce the launch of SYNAPSES Academy Platform, an innovative educational platform designed to foster deep learning and meaningful connections among students, teachers, and educational leaders worldwide. SYNAPSES Academy is not just a digital learning space; it is a vibrant community that bridges geographical divides and nurtures a global exchange of knowledge and ideas.

SYNAPSES Academy is built on the core principles of collaboration, personalization, and innovation. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners at various stages of their educational journey. Whether you are a student seeking to enhance your understanding, a teacher looking to expand your instructional strategies, or a school leader aiming to foster a progressive learning environment, SYNAPSES Academy provides the tools and support you need to succeed.


Our platform hosts an extensive library of resources, including interactive courses, multimedia content, and up-to-date research materials. Each resource is meticulously curated by educational experts to ensure relevance and quality. From STEM subjects to the arts, from foundational skills to advanced topics, SYNAPSES Academy covers a broad spectrum of disciplines. These resources are designed to be flexible and adaptable, enabling users to tailor their learning experience to their specific needs and interests.


Learning Journeys
At SYNAPSES Academy, we recognize that learning is a continuous, personalized journey. Our platform offers structured learning paths that guide users through a series of progressively challenging tasks and projects. These learning journeys are crafted to build critical thinking skills, foster creativity, and promote lifelong learning habits. Each journey is supported by formative assessments and feedback, allowing learners to track their progress and achieve their goals.


Interactions with Peers and Educational Leaders
One of the key features of SYNAPSES Academy is the opportunity for interaction and collaboration. Our Teacher Square and School Head Square are dedicated spaces where educators and school leaders can share insights, exchange best practices, and collaborate on projects. These forums are designed to create a supportive community of practice, where members can learn from each other and grow together.


Space for International Exchange
SYNAPSES Academy is committed to promoting global citizenship and international understanding. Our platform includes dedicated spaces for international exchange, where students and educators from around the world can connect, collaborate, and share perspectives. This feature enhances cultural awareness and fosters a global mindset, preparing learners to thrive in an interconnected world.


The True SYNAPSES Effect
While SYNAPSES Academy is a powerful tool on its own, its true potential is unlocked when combined with our SYNAPSES Summer School, national workshops, or other activities. These programs provide immersive, hands-on experiences that complement the digital learning environment. Together, they create a holistic educational experience that is both enriching and transformative.

Join us at SYNAPSES Academy and be part of a dynamic educational community that is shaping the future of learning. Together, we can ignite curiosity, inspire innovation, and cultivate a global network of learners and leaders.